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Build your own factory in Autonauts

Being a player of AutonautsThe New PC Game you will find the fact that you will have plenty of exciting things to do in this simulation empowering game. The game will actually show you that automation is the key to the shining future. You will feel like Autonauts have taken over your thinking where you will have to access a real plan by having a pen and paper during playing.With this kind of game genre, this is indeed an intriguing game that capably spans, and interaction with such a game keeps up your to-do-list. At times you will feel that this list exceeds the capacity of one?s brain and will spill it over to the closest paper. Losing yourself to this game is to find notes such as ?reprogram plank-sorting robots? that are scrawled on the backs of the envelopes scattered around the computer.Autonauts is a game about colonizing the new worlds, to land on an unspoiled planet where your task is to build a thriving civilization. You will find the little genre of DNA classics such as SimCity. However, this game will engage you relentlessly with the finest details of constructing new settlements. Each of the planks needs to be hand-cut from the logs, every new structure must have the component elements, and each and every tool being assembled from the scavenged materials delivered before the building is actually started. To take care of all, there you are all alone.Automation is what eases the task of turning the land patches into a bustling colony. The most significant thing that you build in Autonauts is the helper robots. Each of these robots is given different tasks. It is basically a process that includes programming and then using them for a real and functional language.However, you need not be proficient in Basic or C to get going. The game will teach you everything and coding is what makes the astronauts to be something special. If you need to perform an activity again and again, then you may program a robot to get the task done for you. You can do it easily by creating scripts to guide the behavior of robots and you will not have to type even a single line. You can also teach your robots to observe how you perform the task. This will generate a script that will constitute different colored blocks where each color will represent the command like ?move to?, ?pick up? or ?use?.The game can reasonably be described as a simulator paired with a coding tool. It will deliver the sense of satisfaction of establishing the outpost. Autonauts is in playful in parts, charming, and welcoming. It can be compared against the farming simStardew Valley however it is a game of its own. It will give you a taste of being a coder. It is indeed exciting and empowering in its own way.The game is available for PC and costs $19.99. The game is perfect for children enabling a casual stimulating environment where they learn and grow along with the Autonaut colony.