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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Retail Version

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooting game. You have to stop the global war and need to evaluate what needs to be done. This game has a modern set design. The CIA officer and SAS forces collaborate with the people of Urzikstan to fight a battle against Russia who has occupied their country. The game is influenced by the real-life conflicts like the terrorist incidents of London and the recent Syrian Civil War.This game is developed by Infinity War and Activision publishes it. Both Infinity War and Activision work hard to bring out the best of the game to the game enthusiasts. For the first time, the developers of the game have introduced cross-platform multiplayer mode. The players of the game can enjoy more tactics and strategies to beat the enemies. You just have to put your skills to test and play the game with your instinct. The game has removed the loot boxes. The player base can enjoy free content and try the multiplayer mode.The great thing is that players will be able to unlock different weapons and levels. They can enjoy playing the game without the loot boxes. The modern warfare will not be having the loot boxes. However, the new battle system will give them a chance to keep a check on the things they have earned and the things they have bought. The developers of the game have confirmed about the exclusion of the loot boxes. However, they still have to discuss whether they?ll be adding them in the future. We can speculate that Activision might add the loot boxes in the game later on. They might introduce update and add the loot boxes back.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a game that comes with modern designs and set up. As compared to the other games of the series, this one comes with detailed environments. It also comes with ray-tracing capabilities.There have been a lot of leaks regarding this game. Players have not been able to know the actual size of the game. The developers of the game have not yet announced the size of the game. The Xbox version of the game could be around 60GB. The PC version could be around 175 GB. We are still not sure what the actual size of the game is going to be.The game will be launched with a day one patch. If you buy the game on a CD, the first update of the game will automatically start running. You?ll have to wait for the download to get finished before playing the game. If you order the digital version you?d get the pre-loaded day one update. The day one patch of the game is helpful for optimizing fixes.So when is this anticipated going to be released? The developers of the game have announced to release the game on 25th Oct 2019. The new version of the game will not be having the battle pass system. You?d have to wait for some time before they add this system to the game.