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Democrats: US president Donald Trump Agrees to $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Democratic pioneers said President Trump has agreed to pursue a $2 trillion infrastructure plan. However, the two sides did not agree on how to pay for the plan, which Democrats want to use to upgrade the nation?s highways, railroads, bridges, and broadband. They intend on meeting again in three weeks to discuss details.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer met with President Trump at the White House along with a dozen-member delegation of lawmakers.As indicated by Business Insider, Democrats need the government to subsidize ventures. Republicans and Trump's past plans have called for little small capital from the government that would boost privately companies to make the remainder of the venture.As indicated by the New York Times, Trump clarified that he never supported the public-private partnership model that his former top economic advisor, Gary D. Cohn, had pitched.This is the first sit-down among Trump and Democrats since the 35-day government shutdown the previous winter. Despite the fact that the 90-minute meeting ended on a positive note, some Democrats saw the meeting as ?out of step,? the New York Times reports.