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Desean Millionz Looks to Be the Next Big Mogul in Hip-Hop

When you think of the phrase ?Till We All Rich?, you think about using hard work and determination to help you and your loved ones reach that pinnacle of success, never letting the fear of failure stop your forward movement to that finish line. This is why it?s the perfect name for Desean Millionz? fledgling company, which is set to take its position at the forefront of the Houston?no, global music scene with its collective of talented artists and producers.Currently, the roster consists of Jdagr8, Bino Diego, ZaeLaurent, Kaleb Brown, Ace, Drakko, Jayhitem, Tracmuzik ? all of whom deliver a unique blend of sounds all their own. Currently leading the team is Jdagr8, who?s currently heating up Houston?s dancefloors with his new single ?Came From Mexico?:Yep. Stay tuned as Desean Millionz and his crew continue to create blends for the city and beyond.