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Hafeez Kudroli ? A trending name in the field of Construction & Infrastructure

Kudroli Builders and Infrastructures is another big name in the field of constructing roads, maintenance and a lot more. Kudroli Builders, a Goa-based company, is carrying out infrastructure and construction services across South India.Having vast experience and an excellent track record, KBI is labelled as an apt solution for all the infrastructure and building development projects. They have been part of many big notable projects like NH-4A, Kharwade - Caranzalem Road, Goa, Bailapur-Tallarna Allarna road, Kapileshwari Nalla, Panathody-Ranipuram road Kerala and many more.KBI is making significant changes under the leadership of its young CEO and Managing Director Hafeez Kudroli, he is 24 years old and is in the construction business since 2016. It's worth to mention; Hafeez is the man behind the facelift of prestigious Church Street of Bangalore.Alongside his involvement in a construction business, Hafeez also serves as a trustee of Kudroli Foundation that works in the area of education and healthcare with a focus on providing education to girl children and caring for geriatric patients.Hafeez strongly believes the environment should be the priority of every business and this is why KBI encourage its teams to seek environmentally sustainable solutions through innovation and resource efficiency to mitigate the effect of the construction process on the environment, at the same time providing a commercial advantage for the business and their customers.A company is not just about the profits and losses, but also about the change that it brings to its position. Kudroli Builders is one such company that is making all efforts to bring uniqueness on the table.