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Houston?s Iceman Mike Creates Diamond Masterpieces for Hip-Hop?s Best

When it comes to top-tier jewelry, Iceman Mike is one of the absolute best in the game. Coming straight out of Houston, TX, the celebrity jeweler has knocked out timeless pieces for athletes like Errol Spence and rappers like Fredo Bang and Yungeen Ace. His pieces range from the extreme (ie. massive, diamond-covered logos and Jesus pieces) to custom, upgraded versions of your favorite rings and watches. As he?s big in Hip-Hop (more than anywhere else), you can bet that he knows how to turn your smile into a six-figure grill.

You can head over to his website to check out some of his most-prized creations, as well as ? if you have the pockets for it ? lock in on a nice, personalized piece of jewelry yourself. If it doesn?t hit, it ain?t by Iceman Mike.