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Hurco, Autodesk and Tungaloy to Demonstrate Aerospace Bracket Machining At University of Wolverhampton

In collaboration with technical partners Hurco, Autodesk and Tungaloy, the University of Wolverhampton will host a live machining demonstration of an aerospace bracket at an occasion on 20 Nov, with an innovative Tungaloy development on show for the primary time outside the company?s R&D laboratory.A complex EN24 steel part will be machined on a Hurco VMX42HSRTi 5-axis machining centre supported by Autodesk CAM software and cutting tools from Tungaloy. Tungaloy?s latest DoFeed, DoTwistBall with the new HJ high-feed breaker, the TungRec, TungMeister and lots of additional merchandise from the Tungaloy portfolio will be highlighted.Importantly, the Tungaloy Corporation has allowed Tungaloy UK to demonstrate TungForceFeed, a small diameter high feed indexable edge cutter with tool bodies from 8 to 16 mm. This product won't be launched to the globe market till December, therefore this event marks the first time TungForceFeed has been seen or used outside of the R&D dept in Japan.In addition to live machining demonstrations, the event will have a welcome address from Dr Syed Hasan, the head of the college of Engineering at University of Wolverhampton, provide a chance to meet the project partners that embody Autodesk, Hurco and Tungaloy UK, boast a presentation from Autodesk on the future of British manufacturing Initiative and, of course, an opportunity to meet university teachers and students.The event will demonstrate how the univerity?s relationships is exploited to market Industrial drawback determination, upskilling, graduate enlisting and apprenticeships, in addition because the analysis opportunities which will drive the next-generation of engineers and innovators.