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Interview with the founder of SD Inc. Sunil Dhingra

Please tell us a little bit about SD Inc. ? what is SD Inc. all about?
SD Inc. is a Delhi based architecture and Interior design group. The Logo says the ideology ?aim, focus and shoot?. We believe in minimalist and focused approach in design which can hit the bull?s eye. There are so many ideas from the client, from the surrounding atmosphere and many times, architects get carried away with the many opinions and philosophies around them. And the outcome or result is not enthusiastic at all.
We believe in a focused approach and don?t try to get influenced with what client demands instead we deliver him what he needs. This needs a lot of efforts and at times counselling also for the clients but we take it as a challenge to make the client understand what is best for their use.
What made you start SD Inc. - was it a personal passion, or a problem you identified, or a market opportunity?
SD Inc. is all about passion for innovative ideas. Be it design, lighting, fa├žade or anything. We are living in a designed space. Principal designer is almighty GOD. Everything is so organized in his system. The solar system, the rotation of the earth on its axis, foliage, contours, lighting, everything is just perfectly designed and delivered. Everything is designed yet organic. We at SD Inc., just want to carry forward the same design ideology.
Your current residence is in Delhi, what inspires you the most from this city?
Delhi is the city of emperors and kings. There are many moods and styles in various parts of Delhi. Every square mile of Delhi has a unique pattern and texture of development. We have to respect that variation while designing and that is the key to stand tall in the crowd. Delhi clients are very design enthusiasts and many thanks to the Internet revolution, and they already have many design ideas which then need to be rationalized considering their requirement, use and budget.
What?s one trend that really excites you?
Trends in architecture and fashion industry follow a time cycle. They keep repeating themselves in defined durations. The trends in demand today may look outdated in a few years and hence the design is a continuous process to bring uniqueness and fresh energies time to time. We at SD Inc., try not to fall in the race of trends but to design and deliver which fits best in the given scenario. Trends are temporary, the class is permanent.
What are your plans for the future?
There is still a lot of unawareness about the industry professionals in end clients and somehow, we feel that they refrain approaching architects for their small or big design needs. In the end, some unqualified contractors turned architects design for them which is like getting a surgery done through a self-proclaimed roadside doctor.
We are planning to build an educational program through print media and social media by which we want to educate people about their design needs and break the ice between the design professionals and clients. Good Architects and designers deliver 200% worth value of the fees they receive from the client, and this is a win-win equation which the end client needs to understand so that they don?t fall prey to unprofessional service providers.