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New Construction Methods Builds Schools Secure in Hennessey, Okla

To help protect Oklahomans, Hennessey Public Schools and South Industries have collaborated to build a multipurpose school gymnasium and storm shelter in Hennessey, Okla.The decision to utilize a monolithic dome design was a simple one because of the inalienable advantages of the dome shape. These FEMA-certified buildings are evaluated to withstand winds more than 245 mph permitting survival and safety amid the most extraordinary tornadoes. The prevalent wind opposition, lower construction and maintenance costs are key reasons why Mike Woods, superintendent of Hennessey Public Schools picked the dome shape and South Industries.Another key advantage of the monolithic dome is the adaptability of inside space. As the necessities of the district advance the inside floor plan can without much of a stretch and economically be changed to address the issues of the district. The gymnasium is being built on the current Hennessey High School site. This multiuse dome will be utilized as the secondary school gymnasium and when required as a community storm shelter.Randy South, a proprietor at South Industries, stated, Domes are very energy efficient, and very strong. They'll take a direct hit from an EF5 tornado. They make a great school because it protects the kids. These buildings are elegant and especially for the price a school district will pay. The school administrators will find the costs to heat and cool these dome buildings is far less than what they would have to pay if they were using conventional structures. The school board and superintendent had great vision when they designed this building and presented it to the public because it saved the community a tremendous amount of money.The Hennessey multipurpose facility started construction on Nov. 6 and ought to be finished before the beginning of the coming school year. Expansion of the vault was a site to see ? the huge, soft form is blown up much like a balloon. It was inflated in two hours and the grounds had the beginnings of a new building.Obviously, significantly more work will go into the building to transform it from a soft, billowy dome to a hard, concrete shell that can withstand tornadoes. After inflation, within the Airform was sprayed with a polyurethane foam making a protected and solidified arch shape. When the foam is set, rebar is set making a solid metal system for shotcrete to be connected. As the arch dividers are smoothed and numerous layers of the shotcrete connected, the vault shell is finished.The general contractor of the project is Wynn Construction Co.; the architect of record is Michael McCoy; and South Industries is building the vault. Endless supply of the arch, the public will be welcome to visit the astonishing new gymnasium and community safe shelter.South Industries is a structure and build contractor of monolithic domes. Descending from the inventors of the monolithic dome, South Industries has fabricated vaults over the world and in almost every state. Through continuous innovation, South Industries has built structures that fulfill, astonish and push the industry ahead.