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New partnership tackles Scottish construction waste

Construction Scotland Innovation Center (CSIC) and Zero Waste Scotland are collaborating to discover better approaches of cutting the amount of waste that goes to landfill.The construction sector is the biggest consumer of natural assets and the biggest benefactor of waste going to landfill in Scotland, accounting for one third of the overall waste to landfill.Zero Waste Scotland is a not for profit limited company whose mission is to make a general public where assets are esteemed and nothing is squandered. CSIC joins businesses, universities and the public sector in collaboration to support increased innovation and productivity.Reusing, reusing, squander minimisation and 'circular economy' approaches offer construction companies critical open doors as far as cost savings, market opportunities and commercial competitive advantage, said the partners.Their new association will build on the current connection between the two organisations, framed through a few key activities, including ongoing work together on the Deconstruction Hub, a communitarian activity investigating how industry can maximise and retain the value in material assets.This progressively formal partnership will make a key connection among CSIC and Zero Waste Scotland and will deliver a supporting programme of activities, including:a progression of joint occasions to advance creative 'reuse, reusing and roundabout reasoning' initiatives within construction;Issuing 'innovation calls'innovation projects around waste reduction and reuse themes;collaborating on further sector-wide strategic projects.Zero Waste Scotland has additionally turned into a member from CSIC's Innovation Factory, giving it the chance to expand commitment with Scotland's construction related businesses and advance its services by means of CSIC communications and events. Zero Waste Scotland will also be able to use the Innovation Factory to deliver training and events with businesses from any industry.CSIC chief executive Stephen Good said: ?Reducing construction waste and encouraging circular economy approaches should be a priority for everyone in the sector, and there?s no doubt that it is increasingly becoming a driver for businesses. CSIC has already funded numerous projects in these areas, including reusing waste tyres in acoustic barriers and producing bricks made from construction waste.?By working in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, who share many common goals with ourselves, we hope we can support even more construction businesses to innovate and grow whilst helping reduce the construction sector?s significant contribution to the country?s landfill.?Zero Waste Scotland chief executive Iain Gulland said: ?This partnership is a sign of our ambition to change the way we design and build in Scotland. The construction sector faces major challenges in reducing its waste but there are equally big opportunities for businesses to reduce costs and create new revenue streams in Scotland?s emerging circular economy.?Achieving that will require new ways of thinking and working together to maximise our impact. By partnering with the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, we can combine an ambitious agenda for change with the practical and financial support that is required to help businesses make it happen.?