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Preparation for the Marathon Race Day by Kerllen Bittencourt Rego 

The London Marathon social media, Kerllen Bittencourt Rego @kerllenrego, gives some top tips for the day before and for the marathon day.Kerllen says that the day before the marathon you should eat a relatively high carbohydrate diet and stay well-hydrated during the day. You also should avoid having your main meal late in the evening to have plenty of time to digest your meal and have a good night?s sleep and keep hydrated.In the race morning you need to get up early enough to eat and digest a small breakfast with good carbohydrates.One of the most important thing is to stay calm, believe that you can do it, don?t be afraid, follow your pace and stick to your goal, drink little and often during the race.Kerllen says that you have to run the first 10 per cent of the race slower than you normally would, with the idea that you?ll finish strong. Don?t try to go out faster than your goal pace. If you do that, you risk burning out early. Try to keep an even pace throughout the race, and save your extra energy for the final push to the finish.To have more tips follow her on:https://www.instagram.com/kerllenrego/Www.healthyfitmum.com