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Renewable Energy Attacks and Battery Improvement by Tesla

Tesla?s batteries and energy storage products are doing quite good, this is due to improvement and the spirit of constant innovation. also due to more efficiencies in manufacturing from   improving energy density. Evolvement of tesla products are just as fast as electric cars companies. Jerome Guillen automotive president at tesla contributed the constant improvement. Following a recent interview with CNBC, the automotive president commented that the company?s batteries are all time dynamic and they are in constant process to improve their product.Quoting Guillen ?we are improving the design of the cell. The design of the cell is not frozen. It evolves, and we have road map of technology for improvement for the coming years.?Upcoming ramp of its energy products by tesla is coming at the correct time. Tesla market is making huge steps this result from its push to increase production of its energy products, moreover company?s effort to attain $100 per kilowatt in battery cell costs.Moreover, the outcomes of an analysis from a research carried recently by lizard firm, has exposed that wind and solar energy costs in America at last have reach a point where they are focusing mostly on traditional sources of power, which are the same as derived from coal. Exclusive of tax subsidies. Its notable the cost of renewable energy over coal, with subsidies in the picture.In addition, analysis from Lazard?s levelized cost of energy concluded that united on shore cost from wind energy average between ($ 26 and $56)/ megawatt per hour exclusive of subsidies. Ideally on the other hand solar energy varies around ($36 and $44)/megawatt per hour without subsidies. Comparing us average cost of existing coal plant is between ($27 and $45)/MWh.However, considering that wind and solar power are not ever available, though, the key to a change to sustainability is determined by the solutions such as industry-grade battery storage systems, which have the capacity to retain and distribute energy. This is the source of tesla?s energy. This was a statement from san Francisco chronicles back in September, JB straubel tesla CTO pointed that grid scale battery solutions such as tesla powerpacks, they are scaled and reliable and are becoming an ideal alternative to fossil fuel-powered solutions.