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schemata architects makes the 'SUIBA' shared kitchen space in tokyo

schemata architects has designed a rental kitchen named 'kitchen studio SUIBA' situated in kyobashi, tokyo, japan. the undertaking has been imagined because of the developing interest for shared kitchens accessible to lease. the space means to be utilized for different types of participatory events identified with food and beverage. the idea supports another method for dining as guests can appreciate cooking for one another rather than essentially going to reserved restaurants where they just wait for food and drinks to be served. in addition, the space can serve as showrooms where businesses offer customers opportunities to try their food and products.the proprietor of 'kitchen studio SUIBA' additionally owns neighboring properties on the two sides, which enabled the architect to take a closer look at the gap space between the volumes and actively incorporate them into the design. the project creates a small volume, that is disproportionate to the adjacent buildings, with a high level of transparency that makes one want to peek inside.the siting of the undertaking results in two different entries to the building. one being an incredibly vast sliding door in the front facade and the other takes the form of a narrow passageway through the gap between the buildings, leading to a small entrance in the back.the kitchen and dining space is split over two floors, with the cooking facilities on the ground floor level. the interior is characterized by an open and stripped-back aesthetic. as for the interior floor finish, the same material as the sidewalk has been employed to highlight the transparent expression of the front facade and to invite people into the shared kitchen space.