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Spanish boy in well: Heavy machinery used in bid to reach trapped toddler

Madrid - Heavy machinery has been acquired by rescuers in southern Spain who intend to drill vertical tunnels next to a deep borehole to achieve a 2-year-old boy trapped there for five days.The terrain's geology is complicated, and that's slowing down the works, said Angel Garcia, the leading engineer coordinating the search-and-rescue operation, on Friday.Spaniards are holding their breath with each difficulty in the against-the-clock race to reach Julen Rosello, who fell into the 360-foot-deep waterhole on Sunday.Unfit to go down the narrow shaft, rescuers utilized machinery first however found a blockage somewhere two thirds of the way down and are now trying to drill alternative tunnels to reach the boy.Garcia, head of the provincial civil engineers' association, told reporters at the site that workers would dig two parallel vertical tunnels, a plan hatched after a horizontal hole bored earlier in the week from a hillside ran into heavy stone.Authorities say there are hopes Julen could still be alive if there is enough oxygen under the obstruction.As indicated by CBS News partner network BBC News, a similar family lost another son to some kind of mishap under two years back. There has been no indication of life from the boy from inside the borehole.I still have hope that my son is alive, Julen's father Jose Rosello was quoted as saying by Spain's newspaper El Pais on Wednesday. We can't stop until we get my son out of there.