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Street and waterway construction ventures in progress

The City of Ames Public Works Department is beginning a few construction extends all through Ames, making repairs on local streets and waterways..As indicated by Tracy Warner, city municipal engineer, the office has started work this month on the clean sewers in neighborhoods north of downtown. The roughly $3 million venture incorporates spot repairs, fixing manholes and lining of 26,000 lineal feet of sewer.The project construction this week is on Grand Avenue from twelfth to eighteenth Street. Work teams will be out from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Every week, work will be centered around an alternate region north of downtown.?There might be some periodic interruptions or times where drivers need to go around and follow the traffic control,? Warner said. ?There?s different phases, so people will see the spot repairs happening and the work on manholes, and then there will be a little while before another subcontractor comes in to do the lining of the sewer.?Proceeded with enhancements for South Duff Avenue are nearing fulfillment, where work started on July 25, 2018. South Duff Avenue was broadened to three paths the previous fall and a common use way was built from Ken Maril Road to Kitty Hawk Drive. The establishment of a traffic light on Crystal Street, the last period of the undertaking, is relied upon to be operational this mid year.Other progressing ventures include: a common use way development from Bloomington Avenue to Ada Hayden, which was postponed in November 2018, and will continue inside the following two weeks with a foreseen work time of one to two months; a tempest water disintegration control venture along south Skunk River with teams pouring the mutual use way this week and starting the evaluating of inclines one week from now; and a traffic signal replacement and pedestrian ramp improvement project at Sixth and the Brookridge/Hazel intersection, expected to be completed within the next two weeks.It?s going to be a busy spring and summer, as usual,? Warner said.Looking forward, Warner said that the city is planning a summer construction project on Hickory Drive, which will include a new water main and brand new pavement, set to complete in October. There will also be storm water erosion control work in Kinyon-Clark subdivision, a fire station parking lot reconstruction project, and south Fifth Street extension (as part of the south Grand Avenue extension). These projects are anticipated to begin this year.Warner warns drivers to proceed with caution and respect traffic control when driving through affected construction areas.?Make sure you are not only considering yourself or even just the other drivers, but also the safety of our construction workers and the inspectors that are there,? she said. ?We need drivers to be respectful of the traffic control and the safety aspects. If a street is shut off, don?t go around the barricades. Respect traffic control and the messages they are saying.?