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Tehran hosts the Industry Promotion Program for Machinery to Promote Polish Manufacturers in Mining Industry Sector.

The Program is devoted to supporting Polish firms in different sectors and markets from all over the globe. Since its launch in 2017, the business Promotion Program for Machinery and Technology reach countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, aiming conjointly for markets like China, Vietnam, India, Turkey, FRG, and European nation till 2022.Iran has conjointly been taken into this account. officers of the delegation aforesaid ?the cooperation with Persia still creates potential worth and the chance for Polish firms to enter the region through the business Promotion Program for Machinery and Technology?.Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Tehran Bureau Chief of Polish Investment and Trade Agency said: ?Some of twenty-five of the machinery factory-made in Poland are mining instrumentality. In theory, majorly suits Iranian market because of its hefty capability and therefore the characteristics of Iranian mines. Therefore, Iran still might produce the potential to be among partners for Polish manufacturers?.Several Polish brands till 2018 have already been present in the Iranian market, operative in elite coal mines. in keeping with the member of the delegation: ?For nearly thirteen years, our machinery is active in Iran. many major Polish makers are showcasing their merchandise within the ordinal International Exhibition for Mines, Construction Machinery and connected business and equipment (Iran ConMin 2018), that is being controlled at Tehran Permanent International Fairgrounds. Foreign Trade workplace of Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Tehran supports Polish firms and makers in their individual and freelance call for growth to Iranian market, by providing them with data and analysis on totally different sectors of the economy, serving to attenuate and lower risks for individual firms.